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16 September 2022

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1851 Trust: The Climate Crisis is the big agenda for young people.

Our planet is at a tipping point and young people are the key to protecting its future. We need to go beyond the climate headlines and equip students with science-based knowledge and understanding to drive climate action and impact.

Although, we have identified a challenge. 51% of eleven-year-olds want to work with teachers to tackle climate change, however, a staggering 70% of teachers don’t feel equipped to teach climate change and sustainability (Censuswide, 2021). We want to change this.

We are thrilled to announce that Oh Yes! Net Zero has partnered with the 1851 Trust and Hull City Council to create a free to use, digital programme full of science-based knowledge, inspiration and practical actions designed to empower young people to take the lead in climate conversations and become advocates for change.

The programme contains a variety of resources, from presentations and worksheets to projects and activities, all of which cover four key topics; Renewables, Restoring Nature, Recycling-Reduce-Reuse, and Fast Fashion. Coverage of these significant topics will allow young people to become independent thinkers and problem solvers, and our hope is for students to change their own attitudes and behaviours, and shape minds for the future.

These resources are now live and available for the 13 secondary schools in Hull, meaning that 3,000 pupils will receive climate education in their lessons. Alongside these pupils and the 136 changemaker leaders, who are students that act in their schools to sustain change, we hope that a further 9,000 KS3 students will engage with these resources through assemblies and projects, and subsequently take their knowledge and ambition to drive change home to their families to create a greater impact.

Alongside this programme, the 1851 Trust with Oh Yes! Net Zero and Hull City Council, are hosting a series of engagement sessions for teachers and the changemaker leaders. These sessions will showcase these resources and answer any questions, enabling both teachers and students to return to their schools and take action. It is important that this learning is put into practice, and we are confident that students in Hull will drive positive change to restore our climate.


Survey of 1,004 11–16-year-olds in the UK conducted by Censuswide for the 1851 Trust in December 2021. *teachthefuture.uk/teacher research