We can’t do everything, but we can all do something.

Climate change is a huge global issue that can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it is really important to remember that we can all play a part in tackling it. We can all reduce how much we buy and throw away, how much energy we use and how much we recycle. Doing any of these things will help us reduce our carbon emissions and help us reach our net zero goal.  By making small changes to our lifestyles, we can all help Hull lead the way in becoming net zero for the UK and beyond and be part of something very special that will have an impact for generations to come.

Sign up now to join our community and we’ll keep you updated on progress, as well as giving lots of tips and ideas about small changes we can all make, that can really make a difference. Oh, and many of those small changes may also help save some money and live a healthier lifestyle too!

Find out more about net zero here. You can also use the WWF’s Footprint Calculator to work out the size of your carbon footprint and identify areas your household can focus on to make a real difference. 

So what can we do to help?

Get Involved

Be part of something special and help this region lead the way for the rest of the UK.

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Little things mean a lot

Here are just 3 simple things you could do right now, that would help reduce your carbon emissions:

  • Buy local produce – choose seasonal vegetables and reduce your food miles to shrink your environmental footprint

  • Switch off more – make sure plug switches are switched to off when not being used, don’t leave things in standby mode and always turn off lights if you don’t need them. 

  • Walk more if you can – whenever you can, walk or cycle to get where you need to be because it’s better for the environment and for you!

Share your journey

We are all in this together so help us spread the word:

  • When you sign up, post about it on your social media pages, share the link to the campaign page and encourage your friends to get involved too.

  • If you have some great energy (and money!) saving tips then tell us about them on social media and tag us in @OhYesNetZero #ohyesnetzero so we can share them with everyone.

  • If you belong to a community group, then get them involved too (see the organisation pages) and see what you can achieve together.

Someone like you will be the reason this works (or doesn’t!)

This project is so important because it is about our family, our communities, our city, our region, our country and our planet.  We must all do what we can to stop putting more carbon into the atmosphere than the environment takes out.

We will achieve that by thinking about the small changes we can all make in our everyday lives to minimise energy usage to lower our impact on the environment.

Every positive change we all make, however small, will make a difference, and when we all make those changes together the impact is huge. Be part of something special. Sign up now and make a difference today.

Are you a Net Zero champion?

Have you changed the way you live so you have less impact on the environment? If you have, then we’d love to hear your story! Get in touch on social media or email us so we can share your tips and ideas.